The silk inside the chestnut shell

Welcome to my new blog, come in and make yourselves comfy.

There is nothing that symbolises new beginnings for me than the beginning of Autumn.  You can keep your New Year’s resolutions, which are always furred by hangovers and too much trifle.  As for spring, nobody ever really knows when it starts anyway, and is always marked by the impatient expectation of summer, followed by the depressing realisation that we’ve missed it.

But Autumn is different.  Autumn is all about new beginnings and new starts.  Now I no longer have the ridiculous excitement of selecting my new pencil case, I like to think that spiritually, the feeling remains.  Summer clothes that were never worn can be packed away in favour of scarves, 40 denier tights and a decent cardigan.  I feel genuine excitement about eating delicious food – with mushrooms, red wine and the promise of custard, without going through the pretence of pretending it’s warm enough for a barbecue.

There is nothing like a good crisp autumn morning with the sun shining, the wind blowing, to clear the head, start again, and put the world in order.

My new pencil case resolutions are made.  This is the first one.

And so here I am, ready to change the world one paragraph at a time.

Coming next …….. what’s wrong with girls.

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