The New Pencil Case belongs to me, Louise Dillon (or Louise Bennett, depending on what time of day it is).

“I grew up in the West Midlands before hot footing it to London where a glittering media career awaited.  Two children later, I scampered back to the homeland in search of good schools, open spaces and a lack of decent shops.

I run www.armadillosocial.com by day, by night, I shout a lot at the radio.  This site very much saves that glazed look on my family’s faces.

I can sometimes even be found on the radio, reviewing the papers on the Lorna Bailey show or sharing my views with any radio show that is kind enough to call.”

All that was before my son Fred was diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2019 and his death in May 2020.  How we deal with the world now takes up most of my thoughts and writing.

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